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8 Essential Roles in the Organizational Recruiting Structure
June 7, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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While not every company's recruiting process will look the same, here are the 8 key roles of an effective organizational recruiting structure.

1. The Recruiter

The recruiter takes on a multifaceted role that primarily arranges and coordinates recruitment efforts at each stage of a candidate’s hiring process. From scheduling interviews to writing job descriptions, all organizations benefit from having a skilled recruiter on their team.

These professionals are trained to transform job specs into job descriptions, find potential candidates aligned with the organization's goals and values, and actively source great talent online.

2. The Sourcer

Sourcers are often mistaken for the same role as a recruiter, but the two actually have different responsibilities. The biggest difference is that sourcers are responsible for locating the best places to source talent — both online and offline.

While recruiters will often source for candidates, as a recruitment department grows, a sourcer will help set a recruiter up for success by implementing effective strategies to find great talent, managing internal referrals, and making first contact with passive candidates. From there, a recruiter can meet with selected candidates and determine the best fit.

3. Recruitment Coordinator

The recruitment coordinator role offers assistance and support to both recruiters and sourcers throughout the recruitment process. Typically, a recruitment coordinator will post job listings to pre-selected job boards, assist with interview scheduling and coordination, and may also complete background checks or create offer letters.

Recruitment coordinators often keep in close contact with both the recruitment team and candidates as their role is meant to help facilitate a smooth hiring process on each side.

4. Employer Brand Manager

Hiring is marketing. This means that organizations need a well-defined brand identity and employer value proposition (EVP) to attract candidates who share the same values, as well as retain employees in the long term.

An employer brand manager handles all the messaging and marketing on candidate-facing sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn that appeals to specific target audiences. An organization benefits from effective employer brand managers by having messaging and marketing that directly speaks to ideal talent and encourages them to apply.

5. The Recruiting Manager

Not to be confused with the head of HR or the hiring manager, the recruiting manager oversees a company’s recruiting strategy and process, and helps identify inefficiencies or opportunities for improvement. A recruiting manager also monitors the overall performance of a recruiting team.

Furthermore, recruiting managers implement hiring policies that support employee diversity, and develop strategies for finding candidates who fit a company’s culture.

6. Head of HR

The head of HR (or the HR lead) is a behind-the-scenes role that assists with organizing candidate and employee documents, maintaining applicant tracking systems, and coordinating the salary and benefits of new hires. Essentially, HR leads keep your recruiting and hiring process well-organized and accurate so that you can hire talent quickly and seamlessly.

7. Core Team Members & The Role Supervisor

Beyond the human resources department and the recruiting team, team members who will be working alongside your candidate should be brought into the process. Team members of the department and the role supervisor have a clear understanding of what the day-to-day in the position will look like and the responsibilities needed to succeed.

8. The CEO

It may not be practical for the CEO or company owner to meet with every new hire, but CEOs who take the time to greet new employees can help facilitate a welcoming work culture, and improve employee engagement.

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