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Talent Mapping
What is Talent and Recruitment Mapping?

• The process where a company analyzes their current and future talent needs, and then maps out talent pools of potential candidate talent to meet those needs

• Talent intelligence and insight into a competitor’s organization

•Valuable data used for proactive recruiting efforts to build candidate pipelines for current and future roles

• Great tool to create engaged talent communities

• Provides the recruiting team with the entire talent pool, ensuring completeness and access to the potential talent universe and vastly reducing the chance of missing out on the “right candidate.”

• Delivered in organization chart format, proving a visual of relationships of who is who and who does what within an organization, eliminating guesswork.

• Go-to resource for understanding a competitor's post-pandemic structure

What is talent mapping and recruitment mapping?

Talent Mapping produces valuable data used for proactive recruiting efforts to build candidate pipelines for current and future roles as well as a great tool to support efforts that result in developing engaged talent communities.

Talent Mapping
Taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Let us help you gather talent intelligence so that you too can make informed talent decisions.

Talent Mapping is the solution for recruiters

• Decreases the time-to-hire
• Reduces cost-per-hire
• Quickly builds talent pipelines
• Increases recruiting bandwidth
• Scalable to meet hiring demands
• Leverages Talent Pool Data & Analytics
• Provides a holistic view of the talent market

Talent Mapping provides Post Pandemic Intelligence

• Provides insight into a competitor’s new organization structure
• Reveals real time data and intelligence
• Assists with making informed decisions
• Allows organizations to establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep moving forward and be competitive

Succession Planning, Talent Management & Talent Mapping

• Creates a reference of the internal talent and gaps to fill
• Creates a talent pool of engaged, ready-to-join professionals
• Identifies key leaders to develop
• Provides a resource to compare internal talent against competitors
• Helps companies assess, evaluate and review the current staff
• Identifies internal move opportunities