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Diversity Recruiting & Research
We see the value of having a diverse team and we can help you build one.

Since 1989, SGA Talent has been helping organizations build comprehensive diverse work places by providing robust passive candidate talent pools as well as building strong candidate pipelines for current and future hires. We believe part of our responsibility to our partners is to continuously remind them that workplace diversity starts with a methodical strategic recruiting approach with emphasis on diversity.

Our Approach to Diversity

Our multi-faceted approach to diversity at SGA Talent is designed to foster better outcomes for our clients.

SGA Diversity
Diversity efforts need to be continuous.
Let us provide you with the who's who list of diversity in areas that matter to you.

Our team can successfully identify diverse candidates with all of our services to include:

Talent Intelligence
Talent Mapping & Organization Chart
Succession Planning
Diversity Studies

We put you in the know.

For some organizations, filling the diversity gap may be as simple as targeting specific skillsets, team, or functional area. For others, it might be a focus on the leadership ranks. Whatever your goals may be, we know we can help.