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Customized recruiting solutions to find just the right hires for your organization.

SGA Talent's extensive recruiting services come together in one flexible integrated solution.

• On-Demand Recruiting
• Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Recruiting
• Recruitment Process Outsourcing
• Flat Fees
• Container Search ($5,000 retainer)
• Contingency
• Diversity Candidate Pipelining


Our goal is to be an extension of your recruiting team and never to replace it. We select and combine from our continuum of services the exact solution that meets your recruiting demands.

With us, there is no need to lock into long-term contracts, commitments, or huge monetary agreements. Consider us your on-call recruiting resource, ready to step in with the timely and flexible solutions you need.

With every assignment, our proven process typically starts with research gathered by our internal research team which carefully creates a complete, robust talent pool of potential candidates, using methodologies beyond just social media and public sources.

Our approach ensures recruiting efficiency and enables the recruiting team to quickly present qualified and interested candidates. In addition to the pipeline we also provide all the data needed to make informed hiring decisions.

We don't charge success or prohibitive project fees. Instead, we charge only for the time we work. In almost all situations, our clients dramatically reduce cost per hire, paying on average between only 5% to 12% of the hire's first-year total salary.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable team of experts, who believe that time is always of the essence, are cost conscious and results driven, then SGA Talent is the answer. We look forward to creating a recruiting package that fits your needs.

Recruiting On-Demand
Do you need recruitment research fast?

Let our SGA Talent experts deploy in a "pit crew" approach to meet your immediate needs quickly and on target.

On-Demand & Hourly/Weekly/Monthly Recruiting

SGA Talent’s On-Demand recruiting solution is flexible by design and offers specific services for a defined period. Applications include sourcing, pipeline development, and full life cycle recruiting. Clients only pay for the hours worked and receive all information developed during talent pool creation. Analytics come as standard.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruitment process outsourcing complements clients' existing recruiting processes or simply integrates into internal teams for higher efficiency. We do not replace any client's recruiting team, we partner with them. Applications include research, pipeline development, and full life cycle recruiting.

Container Search/Contingency

A Container Search is a hybrid recruiting service that draws from two common models: contingency and retained. The combination of the two results in further flexibility to meet clients' unique needs now and as they change. Our clients pay an upfront fee that acts as a deposit. This deposit offsets the 20% success fee.

Flat Fees

An agreed-upon flat fee creates significant savings versus paying a percentage of a hire's salary and delivers great value for money. Generally, flat fees are best used when companies are recruiting for multiple candidates with similar skill sets or experiencing a hiring spike.

Opportunity Hiring/Diversity Candidate Pipelining

Opportunity hiring and diversity candidate pipelining can be continuous or in anticipation of changing needs. SGA Talent has helped organizations build more inclusive workplaces as part of our responsibility to continuously remind our partners that diversity starts at the strategy level.