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  • Hourly recruiting services have several benefits over Contingent and Retained models:


    Our hourly recruiting model means clients only pay for hours worked. There's no success fee attached. This model reduces our client's total spend to, on average, only 5%-12% of the hire's base salary. Traditional recruiting firms charge 20% to 30%.


    We deliver the candidates, along with the pipeline and data we collect during the recruiting process. This shared data informs the analytics of the search. It also provides insights for competitive intelligence and can be used for future searches.


    Engaging with SGA Talent gives clients the ability to scale up or even pause our efforts as required. Whether it's one role or several, the SGA Talent team walks in lock step with our client's team to supplement their efforts and achieve their needs.

    Once again, this model enables us to do so while achieving a low cost per hire.

  • Despite the advantages of hourly recruiting services, SGA Talent offers Contingency and Retained search to clients that prefer these models. For our contingency model, SGA Talent requires a period of exclusivity and we charge a minimum of $5,000 to start a search. This payment is later deducted from the success fee.

    SGA Talent also offers Retained Executive Search for Senior-level roles. Our focus for this service is candidates above the VP level, including executives in the C-Suite.

  • Recruitment Research is the strategy of the times. As an alternative to executive search and contingency, it uses a research-first recruiting approach to offer a flexible and customized pricing model.

    The Recruitment Research method is similar to the Executive Search model, except it offers greater efficiency to clients looking to fill roles affordably and within 2-4 weeks. It is both fast and cost-effective, with the average cost only 7% to 11% of the successful hire's base salary.

  • Research is an identification process used to uncover a targeted talent pool of passive candidates matching a job description. It is also known as sourcing, name generation, and talent mapping. Information is delivered in Excel and Organizational Chart format, showing such data as names, titles, telephone numbers, email addresses, and profile information.

    Recruiters use the information to build candidate pipelines for open roles. Across the organization, leadership gains competitive intelligence to identify talent and market opportunities.

  • Since our founding in 1989, SGA Talent has worked in every major industry segment. Individual industries we have served and continue to serve include:

    • Professional services/Consulting
    • Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Fintech)
    • Retail
    • Pharmaceutical/Lifesciences/Biotechnology
    • Manufacturing
    • Construction & Engineering
    • Technology
    • Real Estate
    • Hospitality
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Energy and Utilities
  • While our work is most concentrated in the US, we maintain a successful presence in the European and Latin American markets, as well as APAC.

  • We are capable of staffing employees at all levels within an organization. But, the majority of placements SGA Talent makes are at the Manager to VP level.

  • We are all about the relationship and offering the recruiting solution our clients need each time. Our variety of pricing options that lets you choose whether to be priced hourly, weekly, monthly, or on retainer enables us to succeed without overcharging.

    Secondly, we are well placed to help our clients transform their organizations. We have vast experience — more than 30 years — identifying the best talent available in a timely fashion. We have uniquely developed processes for maintaining this high standard while keeping costs low for our clients.

    Our quickness and affordability make us the ideal partner for helping clients find leaders to transform their organization. With five leaders at our Firm having more than 20 years with SGA Talent, very few firms match our expertise.