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Our Own People and Knowledge.

Strategic Talent Advisors
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About SGA Talent
Providing Talent and Intelligence. The Building Blocks of Healthy Organizations.

SGA Talent has made an impact in organizations' talent and business intelligence goals for three decades. Offering cost-effective research and recruiting services, our team is ready to create a customized solution to meet your needs.

Each of our professionals has either specific industry or functional expertise or both.

Research and Recruiting Solutions

SGA Talent's agility and flexibility accounts for each client's unique position. Our solutions adapt fluidly and precisely to each organization and engagement.

Our spectrum of recruiting services is broad, yet built for rich customization. Your organization's solution is always a perfect fit.

Competitive, Business, and Talent Intelligence.

SGA Talent's Competitive Intelligence team serves as a trusted partner to ambitious organizations in need of essential, industry-specific, leader-making information.

The intelligence we gather informs clients' strategic and talent decisions. In addition to rigorous data collection, we draw conclusions and connect the dots. All the easier for clients turn insights into competitive advantages.

Industries We Serve

• Retail
• Financial Services – Insurance/Banking
• Professional Services / Consulting, Technology
• Engineering
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Construction
• Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology
• Manufacturing
• High-Tech
• E-Commerce
• Hospitality
• Energy
• Education
• Advertising - Digital Advertising Agencies
• Industrial
• Chemicals