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Why talent mapping is essential to recruiting success
February 15, 2022 at 4:00 PM
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When you hear the term ‘talent mapping’, the first thing that might come to mind is recruitment. A company has one or more positions open, the budget for the exercise is approved, and the hiring process is initiated.

However, the scope of talent mapping is so much more than that.

At SGA Talent, we believe that talent mapping plays a critical role not only in aligning recruitment strategy with business goals, but also in elevating human capital resources to foster growth and strong workplace culture.

So, what exactly is talent mapping? And why is it so essential to recruitment success in today’s business landscape? Read on to find out.

Understanding talent mapping

In simplest terms, it’s the process of analyzing a company’s current and future talent needs, and then mapping out pools of potential talents to adequately meet those needs. Talent mapping relies heavily on valuable data to inform an organization’s recruitment strategies and build effective candidate pipelines that can cater to its current and future talent needs.

Implemented properly, talent mapping can enable an organization to be proactive with its future hiring, including internal promotions and grooming existing talents to step into crucial business roles both in the short and long terms.

Why your business needs talent mapping


At its core, talent mapping is all about building for the future. Here are some benefits that companies can look forward to when they invest in talent mapping.

1. Reduced time spent on hiring

A lot of time is often spent on planning and implementing an effective hiring process. For new organizations, the time spent is even more because they don’t have established positions yet and no true outline of what is needed to meet the requirements of certain roles.

With talent mapping, the hiring process becomes more strategic because you’re basing your decisions on well-articulated data points. This helps cut down the time spent on hiring since you have a talent pool that you can immediately turn to whenever new vacancies open up in your company.

2. Reduced cost-per-hire

Cost-per-hire is an important recruitment metric that measures how much you invest relative to how many hires you make in a given period. Obviously, companies don't have a limitless budget for recruitments, so HR departments need to know how to make the most of the available funds to meet their human capital goals.

Wrong hires, extensive training, poor hiring policies — these can all impact cost-per-hire. When you spend money to hire a candidate for the wrong role, the cost-per-hire goes up. When you spend huge amounts to train a candidate, the cost-per-hire is impacted. Effective talent mapping can help avoid these scenarios, thereby saving money.

3. Increased recruiting bandwidth

Gone are the days when hiring was only limited to candidates within your company’s service areas. With remote working now a norm, organizations need to be able to expand their recruitment bandwidth to attract top talents from all over the world.

Because talent mapping utilizes real-time data and intelligence, organizations can quickly establish baselines and benchmarks that allow them to cast a wider net during recruitments. More importantly, it can help them reel in the right talents for the right roles, whether now or in the future.

4. Create a robust talent pipeline

As an organization grows, it can be difficult to predict its future hiring needs. A robust pipeline can help bridge certain gaps when it comes to long-term planning. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and equips you with the necessary intelligence to make informed recruiting decisions.

Talent mapping is also great for targeting passive candidates since it can help determine what sort of skills and jobs will be most useful in the long term. This way, you can create a strategy for attracting these passive candidates in the future with the right incentives.

Take advantage of talent mapping today!

If you are looking to tap into the many benefits of talent mapping for your company, SGA Talent can help come up with a robust, tailored system based on your short and long term recruiting needs.

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