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What to Look for in Recruitment Research Companies
August 11, 2022 at 4:00 AM
Corporate profile with Syafiq Subri and Bima Purnama.

Finding talented recruits to join your organization is often easier said than done. Between creating job posts, combing through countless resumes, and interviewing all the qualified candidates, hiring can quickly become a drawn-out process. However, it’s necessary to give your company the best potential for success.

Many companies bypass this arduous process by letting recruitment research companies handle most of the workload. However, with so many recruiters in the market, finding the right one is almost as overwhelming as hiring yourself. That’s why you should consider these five factors before choosing whom to partner with before your next round of hires.

Qualities of good recruitment research companies

Proactively search for new talent

A recruitment research company is only as good as the candidates they bring you. That’s why the best companies are always searching for new, qualified talent. Rather than waiting for individuals to reach out for a specific role, the recruiters should comb through resumes and LinkedIn profiles to find employees with a skill set that matches your job description. That way, you can have confidence knowing you’re interviewing the best candidates possible.

Great communication skills

Finding the ideal employee for your company takes time, so you need a recruiter who communicates well. You and your point of contact will work together throughout the hiring process, so it’s helpful if you can easily get in touch over the phone or by email. They should also be open to feedback after interviews to ensure their methods align with your hiring goals. An open line of communication simplifies the entire process.

Come well-reviewed

Before choosing to partner with a particular recruitment research company, it’s always recommended to do a little research on the company beforehand. With the right company, you’ll be able to find reviews of their services online, and oftentimes, they’ll have testimonials on their website. Additionally, you can ask if you could reach out to a company that used their services in the past to better understand what the process of working with the recruiter was like for them.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Serve as an ongoing resource

How your recruitment company handles your new employee after they’ve been hired should also come into consideration. Some recruiters disappear after they’ve placed a candidate and leave all the onboarding up to you. Others, however, take a more hands-on approach. They assist you in getting the new hire up to speed, help ensure all the proper paperwork is filled out correctly, and remain a point of contact to ensure the role has been filled sufficiently.

Understands your unique industry

The more familiar the recruitment research company is with your field of work, the better suited they are to find you the right candidate. Understanding your business helps them sift through candidates, ask more poignant questions to the potential new hires, and set realistic expectations for both you and the applicants. They don’t necessarily have to be experts in your field, but the more familiar they are, the better the odds that you get the perfect new addition to your team.

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