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What is recruitment research?
If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?

What is recruitment research?
Recruitment research is a methodical recruiting solution that combines both research and recruiting techniques to recruit key talent fast and cost effectively. SGA Talent’s recruitment research uses the same recruiting model as executive search firms however the costs are far below search fees. On average our clients’ costs range between 5-12% of the successful hire’s base salary. This flexible pricing model is now becoming the recruiting solution of the times, as companies’scale, look to hire skilled talent fast and quite frankly, the choice for those who just don’t want to pay the big recruiting fees.

SGA Talent’s Recruitment Research Process Includes 3 Major Steps
Talent pool development

Passive candidate recruiting & vetting activities

Delivering the qualified candidate pipelines

1. Talent Pool Development:

Our research team creates a talent pool of targeted potential candidates who are then reached out by our recruiting team. The talent pool is delivered in either excel or organization chart. Also during the identification phase, we put an emphasis on diverse professionals who are then highlighted in yellow.


2. Passive candidate recruiting & vetting activities

We don’t just rely on LinkedIn for recruiting but we do rely on our internal research team to provide actionable data as a way to connect with potential candidates. Below is an example of our recruiting call sheet. As you will see it provides information that allows the recruiter to call, text, email, invite and inMail potential candidates, all of which increases recruiting efficiency.


3. Delivering The Candidate Pipeline

Time is of the essence when it comes to recruiting and we know it. Part of the solution requires client engagement and weekly meetings to discuss and review candidates. Below is an example of the candidate pipeline report used as a guide for each call.


Recruitment Research doesn’t just deliver qualified candidates but it provides the recruiting and talent pool statistics too.


If you are not using recruitment research for your recruiting needs, you should be. That said, we look forward to helping you recruit key talent without having to pay the big fees. To learn more, please feel free to contact us.