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What is a candidate pipeline and why is it important?
January 12, 2022 at 4:00 PM
<strong>What is a candidate pipeline and why is it important? </strong>

Hiring is often costly and time-consuming. Whether it’s for a replacement or a new job position, hiring a new employee entails costs that impact the company’s bottom line. For one, the process takes up your company’s work hours, especially when evaluating new applicants. It also burdens existing employees as they might have to take on additional work to compensate for the drop in output from the vacant post(s).

With that in mind, you’ll agree that the hiring process can be more efficient if your hiring team had a pipeline of viable candidates who can potentially fill a vacant position, are qualified and eager to join your company. This is essentially what a candidate pipeline is all about.

What is a candidate pipeline?

Simply put a candidate pipeline is a list of qualified, vetted candidates who are ready to be interviewed by the hiring team. These qualified candidates can also be part of an engaged talent pool so that when an opportunity arises the role can be filled with professionals who are ready to be onboarded and join the team.

Sometimes, a candidate may be skillful, but his/her skill set isn’t needed in the business yet. In some cases, the candidate is qualified for the position but is currently employed and not ready to make a move. But by staying engaged and maintaining realtionships with these "potential" candidates many can be turned into hires fast.

Why is it important to have engaged networks and candidate pipelines?

A candidate pipeline is like a VIP list. Recruiters keep these candidates close to their pockets because of their superior educational attainment, work experience and skill sets.

Engaged networks and candidate pipelines can be created from your existing talent pools just by staying in touch with the group of individuals who were approached for other roles, but for some reason the role was not right nor was timing. However, that doesn’t mean that these individuals would not be your next candidate and hire.

Candidate pipelines can also exist internally. Your employees don’t expect to stay in the same position forever. Hence, your HR department can create a list of employees to potentially fill in a higher position or a future need.

Access to qualified talent speeds up the hiring process

General hiring takes a lot of time since you’re offering the position to anyone interested. Hiring policies and employee qualifications heavily dictate the length of the hiring process. However, you can reduce hiring time by buidling engaged candidate pipelines and staying in touch. Having the ability of looking into this type of talent pool eliminates the step of starting from scratch. Its all about who you know and who the recruiting team knows. This surely beats sifting through hundreds of profiles. Our team has these engaged talent pool relationships and have proven that continuous candidate pipelining has many advantages to include fast hires and reduced recruiting costs.

SGA Talent specializes in building candidate pipelines and talent mapping

At SGA Talent, we can help you establish a talent pool and build candidate pipelines that can bring your business forward. We offer research, talent mapping, and recruiting all with a focus on diversity. We use our years of combined experience backed by our extensive knowledge base and research to select the best candidates for your business needs.

Let’s work together today. Call us now at (518) 843-4611 or fill out our contact form to get started.