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SGA Talent Introduces Women In eCommerce You Need To Know
June 25, 2020 at 4:00 AM

SGA Talent, Leaders in Recruitment Research and Recruiting With a Focus On Diversity Since 1989

As we continue to help our clients reach their diversity recruiting goals, we do so with a focus on data driven recruiting strategies, to include recruitment research as part of the process. From creating strong talent pools, building organization charts showing diversity and filling candidate pipelines always including diversity candidates, our goal is to help our partners with diversity hiring and talent intelligence to meet their Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives.

That said, as experts in the retail industry and with the release of our latest study, we would like to introduce Women In ecommerce you need to know. Congratulations to each of these highly-accomplished professionals.

Below are a few pages from our report. We look forward to your feedback too.

An example of a non-retail organization chart showing diversity:

Once again congratulations to these very talented Women Leaders in eCommerce and who we believe You Need To Know

  • Shelley Reynolds: Vice President, Worldwide Controller – Amazon
  • Beth Galetti: Senior Vice President, Human Resources – Amazon
  • Rachel Brand: Executive Vice President, Global Governance, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary – Walmart
  • Judith McKenna: President & Chief Executive Officer – Walmart
  • Kathryn McLay: President & Chief Executive Officer, Sam’s Club – Walmart
  • Donna Morris: Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer – Walmart
  • Suzy Deering: Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer – eBay
  • Marie Oh Huber: Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs, General Counsel & Secretary – eBay
  • Wendy Jones: Senior Vice President, Global Operations – eBay
  • Kristin Yetto: Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer – eBay
  • Katherine Adams: Senior Vice President & General Counsel – Apple
  • Lisa Jackson: Vice President, Environment, Policy & Social Initiatives – Apple
  • Kate Gulliver: Vice President, Global Head of Talent – Wayfair
  • Corie Barry: Chief Executive Officer – Best Buy
  • Kamy Scarlett: Chief Human Resources Officer – Best Buy
  • Stephanie Lundquist: Executive Vice President and President of Food and Beverage – Target
  • Christina Hennington: Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer – Target
  • Jill Sando: Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Style & Owned Brands – Target
  • Melissa Kremer: Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer – Target
  • Laysha Ward: Executive Vice President & Chief External Engagement Officer – Target
  • Felicia Williams: Interim Chief Financial Officer – Macy’s 
  • Elisa Garcia: Chief Legal Officer & Secretary – Macy’s 
  • Danielle Kirgan: Chief Transformation & Human Resources Officer – Macy’s
  • Patti Ongman: Chief Merchandising Officer – Macy’s
  • Artemis Patrick: Chief Merchandising Officer – Sephora
  • Deb Yeh: Chief Marketing Officer – Sephora
  • Mary Dillon: Chief Executive Officer – Ulta Beauty
  • Jodi Caro: General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Corporate Secretary – Ulta Beauty
  • Diane Randolph: Chief Information Officer – Ulta Beauty
  • Kecia Steelman: Chief Store Operations Officer & President, International – Ulta Beauty
  • Elena Kraus: Senior Vice President, General Counsel – Walgreens