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How to implement diversity training in the workplace with SGA
September 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A woman talking with two business people. Learning how to implement diversity training in the workplace is crucial to your performance.

Diversity training is essential in modern business. However, poorly executed initiatives are as good as no training at all. Luckily, there are resources available to help companies wondering how to implement diversity training in the workplace. At SGA Talent, we have 30 years of high-level experience in multitudes of industries, and we guarantee to reform your corporate culture. Unlike competitors, we offer scalable, tailored solutions and are committed to building stronger organizations.

Here’s how to implement diversity training:

Start at the top

When considering how to implement diversity training in the workplace, start at the top. Starting at the top is crucial to creating meaningful, lasting organizational change.

Training leadership is the only way to reform policy and corporate culture and ensure the organization is all-in and willing to invest in the necessary resources. Employees revert to the same routines and habits if leadership does not make an effort.

The more engaged leadership is in the process, the better. By promoting diversity initiatives from the top levels of management, you are ensuring training strategies will align with targets, and you are less likely to implement ineffectual strategies.

Also, contextualize D&I training as a business benefit. Explain that diversity training enhances employee satisfaction, and consequently, performance. More importantly, detail how diversity training optimizes productivity, creativity, and innovation throughout an organization.

Disengaged leadership breeds disengaged employees. If you’re unsure how to train leadership, at SGA, we have three decades of experience and guarantee to catalyze change from the top.

Train talent acquisition and recruitment

When debating how to implement diversity training in the workplace, focus on talent acquisition and recruitment.

Otherwise, organizations hire the same people with the same background, which severely stunts workplace diversity and purloins its advantages. Training hiring managers to overcome recruitment bias is critical.

Implicit biases towards characteristics, like gender or ethnicity, occur regularly in the hiring process. Many recruiters are unaware of their unconscious biases. Training hiring managers optimizes cultural competence and affects meaningful organizational change.

Designing and implementing inclusive recruitment strategies is essential to change the corporate culture. However, tackling hiring biases is difficult and requires extensive experience and expertise.

Luckily, at SGA, we have 30 years of diversity training experience, and we guarantee to reform your hiring process to usher in innovative, creative employees and revolutionize your business.

Put training into practice and stay consistent

When figuring out how to implement diversity training in the workplace, remember that results should be sustainable and long-lasting. Without a true, long-term effort, neither is possible.

Your diversity initiative should have sub-initiatives. Sub-initiatives are inclusion activities like lunch-time learning, mentoring, and employee resource groups, and they have unmatched, positive impacts on company culture.

Sparse D&I training that occurs for a few hours a few times a year is ineffectual and doesn’t truly enhance awareness or inclusion. Continuous dialogue is an invaluable opportunity to discuss work or personal issues and experiences some employees may be completely unaware of.

D&I training needs to be implemented over an extended period. Inclusion must be reinforced and reiterated regularly. Integrate programs, events, and celebrations. Promote monthly themes that celebrate your organization’s diverse heritage.

Acknowledging and honoring religious holidays, practices, and events is useful, as is giving people days off for their religious holidays.

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When considering how to implement diversity training in the workplace, it can be daunting. It requires considerable insight, expertise, and experience. Luckily, at SGA Talent, we are 100% woman-owned and have 30 years of experience reforming corporate cultures and building stronger organizations. We offer scaled solutions tailored to your targets and business and are committed to helping you flourish. Contact us now for a consultation!