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Key Differences Between Talent Advisors and Recruiters
May 8, 2022 at 9:30 PM
Image of one of the differences between a talent advisor and a recruiter.

When you’re filling open positions within your organization, your instinct may be to contact a recruiter to find candidates. You not only need qualified candidates but the top talent in your field to ensure ongoing growth for your organization. When recruiters restrict their search to the same strategies, such as LinkedIn, they limit their ability to find diverse and qualified candidates. Talent advisors are connected to those who are not only innovating in their field but an ideal match for an organization’s corporate culture. Learn the difference between talent advisors and recruiters and which delivers more value.

Advisors offer a more nuanced, in-depth approach.

It can seem like recruiters are on top of talent searches because they get cursory information from a hiring manager to begin their search. Starting a search with just the basics doesn’t always mean a recruiter is more adept at finding talent.

By comparison, a talent advisor takes extra time at the beginning of the search to meet with a hiring manager and leadership throughout the organization. The goal is to get a clear understanding of many aspects of the positions, including:

  • Compensation
  • Goals
  • Expectations
  • Corporate Structure

Taking extra time at the beginning of the hiring process means a talent advisor won’t waste the hiring team’s time or the candidates by recommending individuals who aren’t well-suited to the position.

Talent advisors push back on expectations.

Every company wants to find “purple squirrels” for its open positions. They are those candidates who have the perfect combination of skills, experience, and salary requirements. However, in waiting to find a purple squirrel, your organization may miss out on industry talent ideally suited to your corporate culture.

Talent advisors bring an outside perspective to manage expectations. Their guidance may suggest finding talented candidates with less experience or potentially outsourcing the role to save money and improve quality. An advisor looks at your organization’s future and how to optimize an open position for the most benefit.

Faster time-to-fill for open positions.

Ultimately, talent advisors are faster in filling positions than recruiters. While recruiters start the search more quickly, with less information, they often present candidates who aren’t ideal for the role.

Talent advisors bring fewer candidates, but they’re better vetted and suited to your corporate culture. Ultimately, it takes less interviews to fill an open position, and there is less overall turnover.

Business time

Access industry talent maps.

Talent mapping is one of the biggest benefits of a talent advisor and traditional recruiter. Talent advisors expand their research beyond LinkedIn to stay current on the leading talent within an industry. They know when individuals are looking to make a move from their current organization.

By investing in a talent pipeline, you can shape your organization’s future with innovative thinkers who are transforming the industry. You also eliminate the chance that you may miss out on the ideal candidate for your organization.

Contact us if you’re interested in how the difference between talent advisors and recruiters can benefit your organization.

We bring over three decades of expertise in finding ideal candidates for our clients. We conduct cost-effective research, going outside the traditional resources for recruiters to find top talent to position an organization for ongoing growth and innovation. The people on your team have the most significant impact on your organization’s ability to meet challenges and adapt to the changing landscape in your industry. We customize our services to the unique needs of every client to deliver the best results in the industry.

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