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Closing the Diversity & Inclusion Gap

We Can All Be Part Of The Solution

As we continue to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, our diversity talent mapping projects and recruiting requests have skyrocketed. With a big shift in how leaders think about diversity and inclusion seems to be resulting in what I believe is a movement, not just a trend. That said, as experts in recruiting and talent mapping, we understand we play an integral part in helping hiring teams achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. As a recruiter, our role includes creating qualified candidate pipelines backed by talent intelligence ensuring hiring managers can make the right choices. As talent mapping experts, our goal includes building actionable talent pools and organization charts revealing talent availability relevant to each role. No matter what the solution, we are in it together. This movement to narrow the workforce diversity gap is happening and it requires all of us to get involved!

Talent Mapping & Talent Intelligence Earned Its Place In Diversity Recruiting
With corporate leadership’s new directives and dramatic shifts in building inclusive workforces, we are seeing leaders putting a big emphasis on the usage of talent mapping, talent intelligence and data to help meet current hiring demands as well as a tool used to build engaged communities of potential future hires. For those focusing on immediate needs, talent mapping acts as the foundation of the recruiting process by providing the recruiter with a powerful, actionable talent pool of targeted potential candidates who meet the requirements of each role. When the data is used for future hires, it supports recruiting efforts that allow recruiters to connect, stay connected and maintain relationships with future hires. Either way, talent mapping has proven to be a great resource for diversity recruiting efforts.

Talent Mapping Data Reveals Talent Availability
Truth is, sometimes talent pools just don’t have the diversity talent we may have hoped. To this point, we need to be constantly reminded that talent availability does dictates the candidate pipeline. That said, it has been proven that the best way to find out who is in the talent pool is to include comprehensive talent mapping activities into the recruiting process. Searching profiles is just not enough to help close the workforce diversity gap when looking to recruit key talent to meet corporate objectives. It is all about who you know and who the recruiting team has access to. Talent mapping and intelligence helps with taking the guesswork out of who is in the talent pool and who is not, in turn eliminating or limiting countless recruiting hours in search of candidates who may not actually exist.

Diversity in the C-Suite
In recent years, efforts to increase diversity in the C-Suite was always a focus for companies of all sizes, yet the percentage of change year over year were not at the numbers many had hoped for. Post pandemic, diversity in the C-Suite is gaining momentum as we are seeing internal promotions and recruiting efforts as ways corporations are working toward hitting their goals. However, as the efforts continue, there still is a lot of work to be done. But for now, as diversity in the C-Suite increases it is showing the team that the company is fully committed to building an inclusive workforce and it is starting at the top. Additionally, this commitment and shift by leadership to having an inclusive team as well as culture can be the recruiting edge needed to recruit top talent.

Recruiting A Remote Workforce
Prior to the pandemic, the idea of having a remote workforce was moving forward, but not to the degree it is today. Many will agree that the pandemic has proven that not everyone needs to be at the office or at a client site to be productive. That said, as more and more leaders look favorably to a having a flexible, remote workforce, I believe will help companies achieve workforce diversity quicker, simply by having access to talent who at one time were not accessible. Without location restrictions, hiring managers can actively search for professionals who are “right” for each role but may not be in a company’s backyard or requires relocation.

Together We Will Get There
With diversity being a hot topic from the boardroom to recruits, we all need to be part of the solution by playing our part as accountable team players. We all know that having a diverse workforce is beyond the right thing to do and is now “the thing” to do. That said, it’s time to embrace the journey, be part of it, and watch the benefits unfold before us. Together we all can help narrow the diversity gap in Corporate America. Happy searching!

If you wish to learn more about how we can help your team with diversity talent mapping and recruiting call us at (518) 843-4611. We look forward to it.