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Build Your Ideal Team with SGA Talent Diversity Recruiting
December 23, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Image of a group of executives meeting to discuss diversity recruiting policies.

Your organization’s human capital determines your future success and ability to handle unforeseen challenges. Expert talent recruiting enables you to find the ideal candidates for your executive and C-suite positions. This kind of strategic staffing is crucial to build momentum for revenue growth, take your company to the next level, and achieve short and long-term goals. Diversity recruiting aligns your hiring practices with your company’s values to build a passive pool of diverse talent for future hiring. Working with a talent recruiting firm, you can develop a candidate pipeline for prospective hires, ensuring you’re attracting the top talent in your industry to your organization.

Why a diverse workforce benefits organizations

Diversity can include gender, background, race, orientation, age, and more. When you have executives and team members from diverse backgrounds, they contribute varied perspectives to your organization. A team that draws upon many unique points of view drives innovation, which shows up in the company’s bottom line.

When you’re trying to expand your market for your product or service, hiring individuals who are part of your target audience is essential. They offer guidance and insight to reach target demographics. Organizations become better equipped to handle unexpected challenges with a more diverse workforce.

How to turn passive talent into executive applicants

Now more than ever, most of the workforce is considered passive talent, perhaps not actively looking for new jobs but open to new opportunities. A talent recruiter can help you attract qualified candidates from the passive talent in your field.

Attracting potential candidates to your organization can take up considerable human resources time. Sending emails, following up with personalized calls, and cultivating relationships with industry leaders takes time. Diversity recruiting ensures you’re not only building relationships with the top talent in your field but that your future executives come from a range of backgrounds.

Why your organization should be working with a talent recruiter

A talent recruiter takes the burden off your organization during diversity recruiting. Instead of asking your C-suite and human resources department to research and connect with a passive talent pool, you can outsource the role to professionals.

Talent recruiters build relationships with candidates across industries. They know whether individuals are passively or actively looking for new opportunities. Recruiters will also take time to understand your organization’s culture to make successful connections between applicants and open positions.

How to prepare to work with a diversity recruitment agency

You may understand the benefits of a diverse workforce but not know how to transform your organization to reflect your mission statement and values. When working with a diversity recruitment agency, discuss your internal and external messaging and the audience you’d like to reach.

A diversity recruitment agency can help you articulate a vision for your company’s future and expand your market to reach new audiences. They’ll connect you with passive talent that will bring new perspectives and innovation to your organization.

SGA Talent provides diversity recruiting, talent mapping, and recruitment research for executives nationwide.

We’re a team of strategic talent advisors who have decades of experience working with executives and C-suites across the U.S. to build their ideal team. We provide both research and recruiting services, giving our clients unparalleled insight into the talent market and how to cultivate an organization that can execute your vision of the future. SGA also provides a Competitive Intelligence team that collects and analyzes industry-specific data to give your organization insights that become competitive advantages.

A diverse team gives your organization an array of advantages across all aspects of your business, from driving innovation to improved internal and external messaging and becoming more adaptive in the face of challenges. For expert help building your ideal team, work with SGA Talent for diversity recruiting.