Welcome to SGA Talent, a leader in On-Demand Recruiting and Recruitment Research services.  Whether you are a prospective client, candidate, student or employee, I welcome you to take a look around our site and get to know us.

Since our inception in 1989, we have grown from a single service recruitment research house, to a firm offering four distinct services; to include our original service recruitment research, on-demand recruiting, competitive intelligence and a telephone verified recruitment research tool SGA ExecutiveTracker Live.  Continuing to focus on delivering exceptional services, building, nurturing and maintaining lasting relationships, SGA Talent is grateful for the many clients who continue to reach out, call upon us and refer us. With all of our SGA Talent team located in Amsterdam, New York we remain today, just as we did 28 years ago, a group of experts who are focused, results driven and passionate about what we do.  

Our clients range from Fortune 1000 corporations to privately held and even start-up organizations looking for “ideal candidates” to fill critical roles, to keep them competitive in the industries in which they compete.  By uncovering the entire potential talent pool it allows our clients to do their own recruiting or do the recruiting for them.  We allow our clients to have access to the exact talent they deserve.

For the past 28 years we have developed a culture that is team oriented, positive, entrepreneurial, and a place that allows each SGA Talent team member to play on their strengths.  Creating, nurturing and maintaining relationships are the main focus of our culture and part of our core values.  This approach extends beyond SGA Talent, stretching out in our communities, as we volunteer our time, talent, and resources to positively impact the area in which we reside.

Sheila and her executive team believe that SGA Talent’s employees are our greatest assets and we work hard to keep them engaged, encourage them to grow, while supporting them in their interests so the firm can continue to successfully expand.   As we recruit, our goal is surround ourselves smart, high energy, passionate, diverse, exceptional people that do exceptional things with us and with others.

Of course many things have changed since 1989 but one thing that has not is our commitment to our clients and candidates. It is never about the size of a project (hours, days, weeks, months), it is about being the value added, results driven, cost effective partner our clients deserve.

We look forward to helping you obtain your recruiting goals by customizing our recruiting and recruitment research solutions while developing a long-term relationship with you. As for our candidates, we look forward to learning about you, your goals and aspirations.  This too holds true for aspiring, goal oriented college students. As always we are here for all of you.

Best regards,

Sheila Greco

President/Chief Executive Officer, SGA Talent