Creating Recruiting Email Messages That Deliver The High Caliber Candidates You Want

It's true what they say about first impressions - they really do count.  That's why it is so imperative to deliver the right message when beginning the recruiting process via email.

As we begin to tell our story of the incredible position we have to offer, we need to do it is such a way that creates the curiousity to want to learn more as a potential candidate or a networker. 

Your message cannot just be the job description.  It has to have "sell potential."  As industry thought leaders and experts, we know how to tell the "A" Players from the others but are we good at telling the story to get the "A" Players to respond? As trusted resources to our clients, our recruiting message needs to be clear, concise, interesting, and have enough information that will engage a potential candidate and source.

Emails- For starters here are a few things I use in the subject line:

1. (First name of person), I am interested in networking with you.

2. We are looking for a strong (Director of Applications/Job Title), I found out about you and wish to connect.

3. Saw you are 1 of 4 in your company that do exactly what we are recruiting for, let’s connect.

4. We Are in search of a hot shot recruiter and heard you are one of the best in the industry.

5. I am looking to identify a best of breed marketing executive in your industry and I would very much like to speak with you about it.

 A few things I use in a recruiting email.

1. (Core information needed)

I am currently looking to identify a (job title). The ideal candidate will have (list the wants & needs of the ideal candidate) and will be responsible for (list the responsibilities).

2. (Juicy stuff)

This exciting opportunity offers immediate advancement, visibility to the powers that be, ability to run the show or create your own show, is newly created, you will be one of four leaders/players to do this, be the one to build the new team, be part of the new team that.....we need forward thinking decision makers-not just doers of what is expected...

If you can, talk about the leader, the team, the company! Be creative.

3. (The close)

 As a well regarded professional in this space, I would be very interested in speaking with you further about this opportunity with regards to yourself or someone you may know. Please feel free to call or email me directly or provide me with a date and time that works for you. Have a great day and if you ever need anything, to include brainstorming ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me. I enjoy helping people.

 Writing a compelling and truthful recruiting email to recruit potential candidates can be time-consuming. But well worth it! Again, to recruit unique, engaging, and talented candidates, we need to take the time to create a message that will deliver the high caliber candidates we want.


Sheila Greco