Recruitment Research- Name Generation


SGA Talent provides the entire potential talent pool our clients require and deserve. We know how to create the potential pool while delivering full contact information that provides, company name , name, exact title, direct dial, email and when available a public profile. By having this information, our clients can quickly connect with candidates in the talent pool and begin filling the candidate pipeline with interested, qualified candidates. Let SGA Talent unlock the potential pool that is available and have access to more than just the 65% of the potential talent pool available on-line. 

Telephone Recruitment Research/Organizational Chart Mapping


 In 1989 the ability to find passive candidates was no easy task.   Our research teams relied solely on telephone research to map out teams/departments of interest for our clients to recruit.  Today, the telephone continues to be our #1 Recruitment Research Tool. Yes, this lost art of telephone research still continues at SGA Talent, resulting in the thorough creation of a potential talent pool. No wonder our work continues to be one of the finest in the industry. 

Telephone Recruitment Research

With our most junior team player having 17 years with the firm, we know how to identify the potential talent pool quickly.  We don't just use social media and the internet to build the talent pool. Our number one research tool continues to be the telephone. This proven recruitment research strategy continues to keep us at the top of our game and #1 in our industry. If you are looking to identify mission critical talent and not just recruiting professionals that want to be found, have SGA Talent customize a talent pool of potential candidates that will give you access to the professionals you deserve to have access to.

Organization Chart Mapping

Organization chart mapping provides insight, intelligence and information far beyond just recruiting.  By having access to these charts, it allows hiring managers the ability to compare and contrast candidates to each other as well as the potential talent pool.  Organization chart mapping is becoming part of many successful recruiting teams best practice processes. You should too.

Social Media Customized Candidate Profiling

Not every recruitment research project is the same. For some who require quick searching via social networks our services can be tailored just for you too.  With this service we can stop with just a profile or similar to our original recruitment research service, we still can provide a telephone number and confirmed email addresses. You decide and we deliver the service you need.

The Recruitment Research Deliverable

The recruitment research deliverable is customized to meet each client's need.  Whether it is delivered in an Excel spreadsheet, organization chart format or a Word document, the information is the same.   It includes the contact name, company,  telephone number, email, profile (LinkedIn or public profile) as well as notes of interest.


Recruitment Research Is A Process

Organizational Development/ Talent Mapping is used by clients that want to have a complete understanding of a talent pool at specific companies of interest. 

Along with assisting with recruiting efforts, organizational charts are also used by clients to gain an understanding on how competitors allocate resources in departments as well as to uncover the “A” players for strategic hiring purposes.  

Our clients can provide a target list of companies for organizational chart development or they can rely on SGA Talent to develop a potential list of target companies.

Example of Excel Recruitment Research

Diversity Recruitment Research & Studies